25-26-27January 2019
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Bradel Bookbinding suede "edges to edges" endsheets.
Rounded back. Full leather hard cover. Suede endleaf edges to edges. Leather headband. 3 days exploring and making Bradel structure, from sewing to the end!
Requirements: good basics in bookbing.
15th June 2019
Sao Paulo
Everything about "onglet"
One day about hinges (meeting guards): When? Which ones? sticked hinges or sewing hinges? What could I do with very thick section? How? Explainations and practical exercices...
Requirements: good bookbinding notions
24th August 2019
Sao Paulo
"Independent Spine Binding",
Hard cover binding (paper or leather) with an amazing opening. 
Requirements: basic notions 
Five-cords French binding, 5 "ficelles"
Traditional French binding, backing, full leather cover, suede endleaf... Excellence of bookbinding!
Requirements: advanced 

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