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Ephémère XXVIe Exhibition
3 October 2019
Mairie du 6me, 78 rue Bonaparte, Paris, France
Workshop: "Independent Spine Binding"
24th August 2019
Hooked-on spine which provides the book with a very flat opening.
It is a good way to improve or discover basic of fine binding.
Workshop: Decorated binding  
9-13 August 2019
2 days to make an elegant and decorated "Independent Spine Binding" with suede guards.
Using Silk paper to create decoration. Eveybody will work on the same book.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Workshop: Everything about "onglet"
15th June 2019
One day about hinge: When? Which one? sticked hinge or sewing hinge? How?
O Velho Livreiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Workshop: Bradel "suede guards"
24 January 2018
O Velho Livreiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Ephémère XXVe Exhibition
4 October 2018
Mairie du 6me, 78 rue Bonaparte, Paris, France
Salon du livre rare Exhibition
12-15 april 2018
Grand Palais, Paris, France

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